Welcome to HSK level 2 course! This course is called “Chinese for HSK Level 2”, which is also the second step towards HSK Level 6. At the end of the 6 weeks, you will be able to express your views towards some simple and common daily life topics. In this course, we have 24 lecture videos and in class exercises 44 short videos in complement to the context of learning material Over 150 new vocabularies, 62 new grammar points as well as relevant pictures and examples Downloadable practice charts for over 100 basic Chinese Characters Weekly online quiz and final simulation exam questions This course covers the entire content that stated in the HSK Level Two Outline. It does not matter if you complete HSK Level 1 or not, as long as you have obtained basic Chinese language competency, I would like to welcome you to join the journey of learning Chinese with us. I believe you will continue enjoying the happiness that Chinese brings to you. 主讲教师:Liu Lixin,Associate Professor of Peking University.


1 周

Week 1 Talk about your daily life 1

This week we will be learning expressions related to our daily life,like introducing yourself and meeting each other,daily activities and hobbies. (37 new words,10 grammar points)

(一)我姓王My surname is Wang

(二)我很忙I am busy

(三)我每天走着去上班I walk to work everyday

(四)你们喜欢什么运动What kind of sports do you like?

2 周

Week 2 Talk about your daily life 2

This week we will be continuing our learning with daily life expressions, including topics like the weather, habits, dining, shopping , etc. (36 new words,13 grammar points)

(一)今天下午可能下雪Today might be snowy in the afternoon

(二)我喜欢喝咖啡I love drinking coffee

(三)这儿的菜最好吃Here serves the most delicious cuisine

(四)太贵了Thats so expensive

3 周

Week 3 Help and ask for help

This week we will be learning basic questions relate to studying, asking for direction and ways of asking for help as well as expressing gratitude. (38 new words,12 grammar points)

(一)你准备好了吗Are you ready

(二)能帮我们一下吗Can you help me

(三)离这儿远吗Is it far from here

(四)希望你早点好Hope you will get better soon

4 周

Week 4 Invitation and Reply

This week we will be learning the way of inviting and responding someone in Chinese, as well as expressions regarding acceptance or refusal. (34 new words,10 grammar points)

(一)我们出去运动运动Lets go out for a walkout

(二)可以请你跳舞吗May I ask you for a dance

(三)我们出去玩儿吧Lets hang out

(四)考完试我们一起去旅游吧Lets do for a trip after the exam

5 周

Week 5 Ask for opinions, comments and suggestion

This week we will be discussing the ways of asking for opinions, comments and making suggestions, as well as topics relate to health, eating habits, learning difficulties, etc. (32 new words,10 grammar points)

(一)我觉得红的漂亮I think the red one is pretty

(二)我生病了I am ill

(三)少吃肉,多吃菜Eat less meat and more vegetables

(四)请您说慢一点儿Please speak slowly

6 周

Week 6 Discussion personal experience and feelings

This is the last week of our learning. The previous three lessons will be discussion on personal life experience and thoughts, such as celebrating a birthday, traveling, etc. The last lesson will be reviewing all vocabulay and grammars from the past six weeks. These vocabulary and sentences are retrieved form HSK level 2 outline. (24 new words, 7 grammar points, + Review)

(一)生日快乐Happy birthday

(二)我喜欢旅行I love travling



7 周

Final Test

In this week, your task is to take the final exam. If you have passed all the quizzes in the previous weeks, there won’t be any problems for you to pass the final test and the real HSK2 test.











  • 正在进行
    About this course To learn a language well, a student needs to know the culture related to the target language, especially its communications. In this course, you will learn about the communication culture in China, such as the Chinese address system, metaphors, taboo words and euphemisms, Chinese terms of respect and modesty, and more. By understanding Chinese culture, you will be able to communicate more appropriately. 要学好一门语言,必须学习与这种语言相关的文化,特别是交际文化。本课程主要介绍与汉语交际相关的交际文化,像称呼、汉语的比喻、忌讳与委婉、谦辞和敬辞、中国的风俗习惯、等等,这些内容都是在汉语交际中不可回避的,只有了解了这些文化,才能使得汉语交际更得体,适合身份、适合场合、适合对方等,提高交际的成功率。 What you'll learn Knowledge about Chinese culture communication Colloquial expression in daily use and idioms Communication skills in modern China 你将学会: 中国的交际文化 日常交际用语、习语 现代中国社会中的交际技能 主讲教师: Yang Defeng Professor and Doctoral Supervisor School of Chinese, Peking University. ​ 杨德峰,北京大学对外汉语教育学院教授。
  • More Chinese for Beginners
    本课程为Chinese for Beginners的进阶课程,目的是听说提高、词句丰富、文化增进。在前一门课的基础上增加了约180个词语和必要的语法结构表达日常所需的基本功能,比如问候、感谢、道歉、担心、安慰、劝说、阻止、推荐等等。并结合每课内容增加有关中国社会文化的阅读,介绍中国人生活的方方面面,借助图片和经典的中国音乐、歌曲,既突出中国历史文化特色,又让学习者初步感受现代中国人的日常生活状态。课程以英文授课,不涉及汉字。 主讲教师:刘晓雨,北京大学对外汉语学院副教授。
  • 正在进行
    Chinese Characters 汉字
    Welcome to "Chinese Characters for beginner"! This is an elementary course on learning Chinese characters. Together, we will start from the basic element of Chinese characters-- Strokes. Then we will learn 1,200 basic Chinese words composed of 240 commonly used Chinese characters, which begin with “一”(one), including pronunciation, shape and meaning, so that to improve the learning effect. ① Each Chinese character is with pinyin; ② Each Chinese character is shown in the form of animation in the process of writing, namely strokes; ③ English translation is used on the Chinese character can be a word itself. Other Chinese characters can not be independent of words are the characters of. The English translation of this kind of characters is marked in parentheses; ④ Each Chinese word is accompanied by Pinyin, English translation and picture, which is easy to understand; ⑤ There are proper exercises at the end of each lesson. Good luck ! 主讲教师:Shi Zhengyu, Associate professor School of Chinese as a Second Language Peking University










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